Planetary Mixer

Benefit from fast powder dissolution and low shear mixing to save time and money . Monitor and control your mixing with in-line single-use sensors

  • Planetary Mixers are free maintenance designed for Bakeries and Pastries.
  • It can mix, Kead and Whip, gives quality texture for the finished product.
  • Free moving, maintenance free mixing head.
  • Adjustable bowl height.
Planetary Mixer Technical Specifications MPM-40 MPM-60 MPM-100 MPM-150
40 Ltr.
60 Ltr.
100 Ltr.
150 Ltr.
Flour Capacity (Kgs)
16 Kg.
24 Kg.
40 Kg.
60 Kg.
Installed Power
2.0 H.P
3.0 H.P
5.0 H.P
7.5 H.P
Multi Speed
Multi Speed
Multi Speed
Multi Speed


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