Spiral Mixer

Benefit from fast powder dissolution and low shear mixing to save time and money . Monitor and control your mixing with in-line single-use sensors

  • Dough Mixing Machines with two Motors Stain steel Bowl, Mixing arm and Knife.
  • Independently adjustable low speed and High Speed Timers.
  • Vibration free System, Safe to operate and east to clean.
  • Safety switch installed, Bowl can rotate to both directions.
Spiral Mixer Technical Specifications MSM-50 MSM-100 MSM-150
Dough Capacity
50 Kgs
100 Kgs.
150 Kgs
Flour Capacity (Kgs)
30 Kg.
60 Kg.
90 Kg.
Installed Power
3.0 H.P + 1 H. P
7.5 H.P + 1.5 H. P
10 H.P + 2.5 H. P


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